Reply turned post, heart heavy but not too heavy style

I replied on Los Angelista’s post “How Do We Talk Productively About Racism On Blogs?” (h/t What Tami Said). It seemed relevant, considering what has been happening on this blog lately.

Here it is:

Great post that I really needed to read today.

I have had difficult conversations about race on two of my blog posts this week. One wasn’t even about race! The other ended up spilling onto other posts.

After a lot of really emotionally draining arguments and being called a racist at the end of both conversations (I am a white woman and both commenters are white women, by the way), I was reeling. But, I couldn’t help but think, hey, I can walk away from this. I can pretend racism isn’t my problem and ignore it. I don’t have to write about race on my blog.

I can only imagine how hard this is for someone of color. Someone who can’t choose to ignore racism. Someone who is expected to a patient educator who always takes the high road and watches her “angry” tone.

So, then I signed on Facebook and saw that my little brother, chairman of the local Young Republicans club, thought this chart was oh so funny and accurate. I didn’t comment, yet. The chart was posted on a third party’s page, one that I am not friends with. So, I am in limbo, thinking I have the valid option of “staying out of it.” And, I am feeling sorry for myself for walking around with arguments against it in my head, and my fingers itching to type them, and my heart heavy for the hatred in America and my stomach in knots because some of this hatred is coming from my own family.

But still, I can, to a certain extent, still be separate from the fray by choice. And all of this frustration and unease I am feeling, it is not anything compared to what people of color must be feeling in this culture of racism denialism.


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2 responses to “Reply turned post, heart heavy but not too heavy style

  1. Quercki

    Good teaspooning.

  2. Thanks, Quercki. I tried. I didn’t confront my brother on the chart, so I actually put down the teaspoon for the terrible bargain of peace.

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