Personhood bill in Florida

The radical anti-choice lobby has brought a so-called “Personhood” Bill to Florida. This would try to extend human rights to conceptus “at the beginning of biological development”.

If the physiology of pregnancy (like, there is no biological test for conception, and the vast majority of fertilized eggs do not implant, and no major medical organization defines that as the beginning of life) and the major ethical concerns with this don’t already sway you to sign this petition against the Personhood amendment in Florida, maybe this will:

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One response to “Personhood bill in Florida

  1. Arg!

    This again. Has a personhood bill passed anywhere?

    Also, should we grant citizenship to zygotes? Or are they a stateless people?

    Should we be concerned about all the “persons” being flushed down the toilets every day? Don’t you think we need a massive system to catch all these Preborn Patriots who are going into our waste treatment plants around the country?

    Normal everyday things like exercise and certain kinds of sustenance can cause a fertilized egg not to attach to the uterine wall. Should all women of child-bearing age be kept motionless in glass bubbles and fed some sort of baby-enhancing goo in order to prevent the immoral massacre of these Microscopic Americans?

    Environmental pollution and exposure to industrial chemicals can increase the likelihood of miscarriage or stillbirth. Shouldn’t we go after major corporations and manufacturers for the murder of these tiny blessings?

    Just some preliminary questions….

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