Reply turned post, religion and reproduction style

The blogosphere has been full of posts about a soon to be published study in Reproductive Health (one of my favorite journals!) about state teen birth rates and religiosity being correlated.

I posted a reply on one of the posts, the one on the New York Times parenting blog Motherlode.

What a shame.

I am proud to have a member of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice speaking at our medical school next month. She is a Baptist minister and is a Doctor of Divinity. And she is adamantly pro-choice, provides condoms to teenagers at her inner city church, and also provides information about and promotes access to emergency contraception in her community.

There is nothing about religiosity or Christianity that inherently means that one cannot promote contraception, comprehensive sex education or safe and legal abortions. I am a member of Medical Students for Choice, and interact with many abortion providers and pro-choice activists whose faith has an important role in their lives and in their promotion of women’s health.

Dr. Tiller was assassinated while serving at his church. More pro-choice Christians need to stand up to the loud, reactionary ones who are trying to turn our country into a fundamentalist third world nation.

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