Speaking of research

Check out Amy Romano’s latest post at Science and Sensibility about new, good research on homebirths.


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2 responses to “Speaking of research

  1. Is it good research? What makes it good? I am not being fresh. I just want to know what you are thinking? What has impressed you to make you stamp it good research. I ask because some times it is very very hard to find, good research. By that I mean folks without an agenda. I want to find the truth more than I want to be correct. Those with that outlook are the folks I am looking for. And it is so hard to find them.

    • MomTFH

      I am going to admit the cardinal sin of not reading the entire article. However, the link I put up is to a blog of someone who has been published in a peer reviewed journal, and I trusted her description of it.

      It specifically controls for many of the frequent complaints about research on this topic. For example, it only includes women as hospital controls that would fit the criteria for delivering at home, which is a specific inclusion and exclusion criteria. It has a large group of subjects, with adequate power to draw conclusions and external validity for this particular set of health effects.

      I have seen the Dutch study that she refers to, and it also has good methodology, IMO.

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