Two things I found out yesterday

Rixa, the intrepid blogger at Stand and Deliver, won Lamaze International’s 2009 Media Award! If you haven’t read Rixa’s blog, (or Lamaze’s Science and Sensibility, for that matter), please check them out through the links above.

Her interview with Amy Romano is fantastic, chock full of analysis and information about modern maternity care. I was so tickled to see Rixa say she likes my blog! Like a cherry on the top of a sundae of a post. It is a wonderful, comprehensive look at both the quantitative, outcome based aspects of pregnancy and birth care, and the emotional, woman centered view of being pregnant and birthing.

I also found out that the Kali project shares a name with an escort service and live web cam of women sex workers in British Columbia. I was slightly amused and slightly dismayed. I consider myself to be “sex positive” and don’t mean to shame sex work. I am not a fan of exploitative sex work that exclusively involves women fulfilling what the mass media says is the male heteronormative ideal. Anyway, I hope they don’t mind sharing the name.

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  1. I’m flattered…never thought of myself as “intrepid”! Which reminds me, “intrepid” was one word I got wrong on the PSAT. Felt pretty silly about that.

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