Comment policy

I don’t have an official policy. I obviously don’t routinely censor anyone who disagrees with me. I am all for constructive conversation.

I do have my comments set that any new commenter has to be cleared by me, and I get notified of every comment. So, just a tip to anyone who wants to post comments calling Med Students for Choice “fucking liars”, that killing an abortion provider is somehow defensible as a “choice” with equal footing as termination of early pregnancy or anything else along those lines, it’s not going to get through. I will use such comments as proof that so called anti-choice activists are unreasonable fringe elements that defend murderers, however, and are not pro-life. So, thanks for the fodder.

I also don’t allow anonymous posting, so I will have your email address. Not that I would want to communicate with someone with that point of view on purpose, I’m just saying, spewing hate with a trail is kind of….stupid. Especially if it’s a work address or you are affiliated with a university.

If you are of the anti-choice persuasion and for some reason enjoy reading my blog, however, please feel free to check out my blog for choice day post from this January and see if you are believing any of these myths and letting them guide your comment attempts.

I have wanted to do a post on common ground for a while, and I may have time to do it soon. I am totally cool with people wanting to support women with unplanned pregnancies and who want to help them keep their pregnancies and raise happy, healthy children. Hell, I carried two unplanned pregnancies to term. Obviously I support that option. However, hateful rhetoric is not welcome here. Exercise your freedom of speech on another site where such filth is welcome. Thanks!


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6 responses to “Comment policy

  1. Guessing you’ve had some hate mail recently?

    • MomTFH

      Is it that obvious? Ha!

      Yeah, I was happy to see it was you posting today after having to clean up some crap from my queue. I get surprisingly little hate mail considering my topic choices. I guess this winner (weiner?) had itchy typing fingers or something.

  2. Wow, sorry you’ve been bothered with such crap. I’ve been surprised that I haven’t received any hate email or comments based on my last blog post that is on a similar vein.

  3. Ooph. Sorry you’ve had to deal with any nonsense and hate.

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