Last night of vacation

Tomorrow I start my fellowship.

Tonight we are having a patio campfire and we are making s’mores.

Happy summer!


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3 responses to “Last night of vacation

  1. Where is your fellowship? In what area? Good luck with that.

    • MomTFH

      It is a research fellowship at my medical school. I get to determine my research focus. I am hoping to do research on doulas and autonomy and informed consent in the birthing process.

  2. Sounds good. I have been reading a lot of research in the past year. I have never looked very critically at the research on doulas. I have taken it for granted that the research says they help decrease a woman’s chance of C-section. But I have never looked it up. I did read the doula book by Klaus. I think it was Klaus?

    What I have spent a good deal of time looking at, is research on timing of epidural in relationship to dilation and other factors and if it increases risk of c-section. We used to tell women, “you have to get to 4 cm before we put in an epidural or it will increase your chance of c-section.” But I found a bunch of studies that do not say that. So I realized I had been giving women information that had no literature to support it. That was an eye opener. So since then, I have become a more avid reader of research. I retook statistics again too. That helped.

    So I am excited about your fellowship in research. I will be staying tuned.

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