Pull me out and tent me with foil because

I’m done.

Done done done done.

There is a distinct possibility I may not have to study for anything for an entire year. I may possibly *gasp* read some fiction.


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16 responses to “Pull me out and tent me with foil because

  1. Yay! Reminds me of how I felt after my dissertation defense.

  2. Congrats!!! And enjoy reading novels…it feels so good!

  3. It is a good feeling.

  4. Woot! How long until you find out how everything went?

  5. doctorjen

    Congrats on being done!
    Aren’t you going on to clinical rotations now? Mine all came with final exams at the end – did they stop that?

  6. doctorjen

    Ooh, a research year sounds fun. What will you be working on? When you get to clinical rotations, if you’d like to spend time with a family doc in the middle of a cornfield who does family-centered obstetrics to counteract your hospital based OB rotation, look me up!

  7. MomTFH

    Oooh, that is so tempting. Thanks for the invite!

    I will be researching ob/gyn topics mostly, I hope. I am going to try to do a research topic on doulas and their influence on labor outcomes. I originally wanted to do the research with women on welfare, which still may be a possibility. But, I found some open grants on PPD. I may still do the work with doulas, but I may focus on more than just the typical maternal and neonatal outcomes. I may apply for the grant and also look at mental health aspects of having continuous labor support. I am interested in that anyway, and I found a researcher nearby who has already done some work on autonomy in the birthing process.

    It will be harder to research mental illness and autonomy, but if other researchers have already paved the way with accepted scales to rate autonomy, and others have already created acceptable scales for depression, I may be able to incorporate these outcomes without too much extra trouble.

  8. DrkAtmnHour

    Isnt it a great feeling to be done! I am not sure if you have said this yet or not but why did you take both exams? Just wondering?

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