Put away the voodoo doll

Some anti-choicer has a voodoo doll out there. Stop it!

I woke up at 3 a.m. because the edges of my sheets were wet and cold. A pipe had burst in the boys’ bathroom. We had at least an inch of water in almost every room in the house, and it was still pouring out of the pipe. I turned the water off to the house (cannot believe I thought of this and knew how to do it and my husband didn’t, since he is very handy).

So, among the casualties were our bedroom floor and what was on it. Luckily neither of us had our computers on the floor, but I did have my two most precious board review books right next to my bed, (Step One and Goljan’s Rapid Review Path, for those in the know) where they dropped from my loyally studious hands late the night before. The insurance company recommended that we call a “mitigation company” to come tear out the floor. I don’t think they can help me with my books.

I tried baking them in the oven. Not only are they warped, but the glue is coming apart.

I have copious hand written color coded notes in there!!!! I have mini labeled post it tabs on pages that would be a fruitful last minute cram!


I just ordered new ones. I will get them by Friday. This sucks. I should have good studying karma. I am shaking my fist at the fates right now.

(Is that enough references to supernatural or religious forces by a cynical atheist in one post or what?)

I am going to Panera to eat broccoli cheese soup and pout. And read Constanzo’s BRS physio, I guess.


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5 responses to “Put away the voodoo doll

  1. Look at it this way – if you re-write the notes in the new book, it is kind of re-enforcing the information, thus studying again! I know, it doesn’t help, I had a terrible time studying for my Prof. Engineer exam – and I don’t think that’s nearly as hard as what you’re doing.

  2. MomTFH

    Thanks. I doubt I will have the time to go over everything I have already read.

    I think an engineering exam would be just as hard to me as this may seem to you!

  3. Oh NO. My computer died the week before my Ph.D. exams … and again the week before my dissertation was due … and although I didn’t lose a lot of data per se, there’s nothing quite like the sucking feeling of losing work/time you’ve invested on the way to these big, ass-kicking academic moments–and then the hours you have to spend fixing the damned problem instead of sticking with your work schedule 😦

    Heartfelt sympathies.

  4. That sucks! i’m sorry. I wish I would have know..I have both those books and aren’t using them. I would have sent them to you! I am studying from the kaplan series and the green omt review book. bah..so much to ready. once again i’m sorry


  5. You have my sincere condolence on the death of your text books. I once left a window open and it rained all over my patho book. Sucks.

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