Ugh, what horrible news

After many attempts over decades, Dr. Tiller was murdered today in the lobby of his church. Dr. Tiller performed abortions as part of providing comprehensive reproductive care in Wichita. He was known for being one of the few providers who would perform second trimester abortions in his area.

What a shame. What a cowardly, hypocritical crime against humanity. Anyone who passionately wanted to reduce abortion in Knasas could have promoted comprehensive sex education and access to affordable birth control.


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2 responses to “Ugh, what horrible news

  1. Aimee

    I agree. It made me sick when I heard.

  2. It saddens me too. That’s not the way to lower abortion rates. It boggles my mind that someone could think they are doing what’s “right” by killing someone who has a different opinion. But they can’t imagine that someone could do it to them in return?

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