Dream internship

OMM (Oh My Maude), the Reproductive Freedom Project of the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation is offering an internship to a medical student who wants to do research and writing about reproductive rights.


I am so interested, yet I am afraid to even look into it. I think it is in New York City.

I am writing to find out how long it is, if I can telecommute for any of it, if there is a stipend. My friend just told me her dad keeps a usually empty furnished apartment in Long Island that I could use. My older bro and SIL live in NJ, and my bro commutes every day into the city, but I think they would make me sleep out on the lawn if I was interning at the ACLU.

I am hoping it is a short internship, maybe a month or two. (I see ACLU “spring internships” for legal students listed on websites, but can’t find this specific one. I was just sent a small info sheet about it from medical students for choice with no details). I am hoping they would consider letting me fly up for a work week in the beginning, attend a “staff meeting” (described in duties). and then do the rest, which involves reading and disseminating current medical research, (one of my favorite things!) from here at home.

I am pretty sure the school would be fine with me using some of my research fellowship year doing this internship, since it is a research position.


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3 responses to “Dream internship

  1. MM

    Dream. Come. True.

    Wow! Go for it!

  2. MomTFH

    I am really interested, but it would be hard to spend a month away from my family. If it is not too competitive and internship, maybe they will consider letting me telecommute for some of it.

  3. TVille

    How amazing would that be! Hopefully they’re flexible!

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