Cesareans done in most Miami-Dade mothers

Long time no see!

I came back from ACM pretty excited and exhausted. I had to play catch up all week.

I visited with some dream programs at the residency fair. I would love, love, love to go to OHSU, whose website has a strong positive position on resident work / life balance. They have a family planning fellowship and pro-choice, opt-out training. And, it’s in PORTLAND, the most fabulous city ever.

Instead, this is the obstetrical climate in Miami, the city of my geographically-limited scope. We have a higher than 50% cesarean rate, officially, in Miami-Dade county (the county I was born in, and that houses the residency program I will probably be ranking very highly). The county I live in, Broward, home to Ft. Lauderdale, is not far behind with a cesarean rate in the 40th percentile.

Considering our medicolegal situation here is also one of if not the worst in the country, I don’t think the strategy of sectioning to avoid lawsuits has been working.

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