Call to action on breastfeeding

The HHS has a call to action on breastfeeding that is currently open for comments. (h/t to Our Bodies, Our Blog.)

I commented on Maternal and Infant Care Practices: Prenatal, Hospital, and Post-Delivery Care, and Paid Maternity Leave so far, but could easily comment on all of the topics. I hope they get lots of good feedback. Please comment!


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3 responses to “Call to action on breastfeeding

  1. mrsculpepper

    thanks so much for reminding me i need to do this asap!

  2. Birth_Lactation

    Just found your blog.. I was trying to find an about page because i was curious. You are currently in Med School? Used to be an IBCLC? I was an IBCLC which is why I was interested. I’ve enjoyed some of your posts &comments, hope to read more. I am heading over to the HHS site now to comment. Thanks for the heads-up. Check out my blog sometime if you want. “Stork Stories”. I also just wrote weighed in on the breastfeeding media storm. I’ll be back. I’m subscribing. Thanks, Melissa

  3. MomTFH

    Hi! Welcome!

    I wasn’t a licensed lactation consultant. As a midwifery student, we were all required to take a course in lactation, and were the start up lactation consultants with the moms who delivered with us. We referred them out if they had issues.

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