I love a good point

Dr. Russell Turk, M.D., wrote a column celebrating the FDA decision to expand Plan B over-the-counter availability to 17 year olds. (H/t RH Reality Check)

I agree with this board certified ob/gyn on many of the same points I have made myself: that it is better than the alternative, that pregnancy occurs at those ages, so all options should be available, and that delaying or impeding reproductive care for minors who can become pregnant is never a good thing.

Then he throws out this piece of brilliance:

The irony is that once a girl is pregnant, she’s legally considered an “emancipated minor” — which means she can make medical decisions of a much more serious nature without adult supervision. And yet we can’t trust her to make a decision that will keep her from getting pregnant?

Of course! This not only addresses why Plan B should be available over the counter for minors, but also supports why birth control and comprehensive sex ed should be available to minors. And, it also provides yet another reason why parental notification and consent laws directed at minors seeking abortions are hogwash. I knew about parenthood being emancipatory, but I never did the second level thinking that links preventing pregnancy as being an equally important mature right of minors.

Thanks, Dr. Turk!

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One response to “I love a good point

  1. TVille

    In all the time that I have spent thinking about teenage access to contraception, abortion, Part B, etc., I never made that connection.

    How ridiculous is it that she is emancipated, but can’t decide to terminate without parental consent? THAT adds a whole new element of irritation to parental notification laws…


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