I love Peggy O’Mara

My favorite thing about getting Mothering magazine was always reading her editorial column. She is a wonderful writer and a smart, compassionate woman.

I love her response to Hara Rosin’s Case Against Breastfeeding.


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9 responses to “I love Peggy O’Mara

  1. I like her, too. I’ve always enjoyed Mothering Magazine. I hear people go bananas about the MDC message boards and how everyone is loony on there. Pick any epithet and it’s probably been said about the MDC boards. I’ve never posted on there and only read posts if someone links to my site or if I’m sent a link.

    I’ve often wondered if saying that you like Mothering Magazine but don’t participate in the online community is like someone saying that they read Playboy for the articles.

  2. MomTFH

    Ha! No, I totally read Mothering and have for a while, and have never really participated in their message boards.

    I don’t cast aspirations on anyone who does, but I am not really into the rolling smiling faces saying “No circ!” at the bottom of unrelated posts, even if I agree with them. I have also heard some strange stories about moderating on there, in regards to adoption. I really can’t say since I was not part of it. And of course, I think all of the mythical breastfeeding bullies everyone always talks about really do lurk in the depths there. I had a friend who tried to breastfeed and couldn’t, and she had a hard time getting in a normal conversation on there without people assuming she breastfed or railing against formula, even if it was unrelated.

  3. I have never read mothering magazine. But I have popped into MDC and I was shocked at the conformity of thought. It looks like everyone there sees the world the same. That scares me. I am not a big fan of organised thought. You get a whole bunch of folks agreeing about everything and you have a problem or organised religion or both.

  4. MomTFH

    I am OK with MDC being a niche site. I get it. Natural type moms who breastfeed, cosleep, cloth diaper, etc. are truly the underdogs and do need a place of their own to not feel like freaks. However, there can be problems with overzealous moderating (again, this is based on hearsay, so I won’t go into too much speculation) and some real scary group think, especially when it comes to unassisted birth or rejecting some necessary medical care, IMO.

    But, I have seen scary births in hospitals, and not scary because of a complication, but because of unnecessary interventions or, more often, neglect on the part of the health care practitioners. I have seen scary group think on behalf of not so natural parenting. I have seen judgment coming from all areas of the parenting spectrum, not just the crunchy side. So, I cut MDC some slack, too.

  5. anotherhippydoc

    But what do you think of her views on vaccinations, and alleged AIDS denialism? I like O’ Mara too, and used her childbirth advice book in my thesis. But the comments to her article at RHrealitycheck alerted me to some of her unscientific stances. Many of the comments were well written, not just a personal attack. I’m concerned that she is so anti-vaccine that it starts being anti-science.

    • MomTFH

      I was a subscriber to Mothering when she published the articles in support of the mother in California who was the breastfeeding AIDS activist who was an HIV isn’t AIDS activist – is her name Maggiore? I think someone mentioned it in the RH Reality check comments. I have also read a lot of the vaccine coverage in the magazine.

      I defend the right of people to thoughtfully have different opinions on medical conditions. I disagree, especially with the HIV isn’t AIDS business. Peggy O’Mara says, in her defense, that she does not necessarily agree with the all of viewpoints printed in the magazine, but wants to provide a venue for them

      • MDP

        Peggy O’Mara is on the Advisory Board of a very well known HIV denialist organization. I don’t know if she agrees with everything on MDC, but she definitely believes HIV does not cause AIDS, despite 25+ years of science to the contrary.

        • MomTFH

          I didn’t know about the organization. I just liked her editorial writing while I was a subscriber to Mothering. What is the name of the organization?

          I am a certified HIV ELISA tester by the Florida Dept. of Health and run the volunteer clinic that does the screening at my medical school. I am definitely in the HIV causes AIDS camp.

  6. NM

    If you click the “About Us” link here you’ll see O’Mara is on the advisory board of “Alive & Well”


    She was also one of the speakers at Christine Maggiore’s funeral:


    I can’t see any reference on the “Alive & Well” website indicating that the organization’s founder and three year old daughter have both died.

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