This made me happy

I would like to work with a birth center as an obstetrician. All of the signatures and comments on this letter supporting birth centers made me all misty eyed and hopeful. Especially since one of the places I would like to apply for residency had a lot of representation on the list.

(H/t Our Bodies Our Blog, a while ago. I am still catching up!)


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5 responses to “This made me happy

  1. All of your future colleagues!


  2. Come more to my neck of the woods when you’re done with your schooling! The CNM I’m seeing (currently doing home births at the moment) wants to open a birth center affiliated with her practice within the next 5 years or so. She’s already busy enough that she’s looking at hiring another CNM.

  3. Very interesting. I really don’t know too much about birth centers. I should learn more.

  4. we need more birth centers around!

  5. Thanks for this post. As I mentioned in a previous response, we’re looking for an OB to work with a freestanding birth center. It would be great for clients if there could be a specific OB or practice of OBs who support out of hospital birth and who are on staff or closely associated with us for consult/transfer, rather than referring for things like run-of-the-mill UTIs and having the doc berate the clients for their birthing choices.

    It was good to see that list of names…maybe we can find someone amongst them who would be interested?

    Liz Chalmers
    Puget Sound Birth Center

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