Hoo-ha doctor

female-parts Ha ha ha ha! I used to use the term hoo-ha for vagina all the time. I always said I would have to stop saying hoo-ha by the time I was in practice, or no one would take me seriously.

Hmm, maybe I should update my avatar with this image.

Courtesy of “Hoo-ha doctor wins the Nobel Prize”, from the Onion.

(H/t to Rachel. By the way, Rachel, we are Soup fans here, too.)


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4 responses to “Hoo-ha doctor

  1. I would like to add up all the words we use for vagina. Hooha is but one of many. Interesting that we have so many words for it and more are coming into our vocabulary every day. VaJayJay has become a household word thanks to that popular television program that I cannot remember the name of.

  2. MomTFH

    Hey pinky, check this out: “Snatch,” “Hole,” or “Honey-pot”? Semantic Categories and the Problem of Nonspecificity in Female Genital Slang. I stumbled upon this study while doing research on honey for a nutritional company (no lie, which is funny considering how much I research female genitalia on purpose).

    Two problems with the study: 1. It was done in England,and this kind of slang can be fairly regional. and 2. It was done in 2001. The “vajayjay” was recently popularized by Oprah (if you follow the link to Rachel’s site, you can see some clips from her show). So, newer American slang like vajayjay might not be listed, based on the year and the location.

    It’s still well worth a read. My friend who read it was disappointed there was nothing under the category of “royalty” for female genitalia. So, she started calling her vagina “the Queen”. I love it.

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