Prostelytizing at the health fair

I was volunteering today at a health fair, distributing condoms and passing out literature on teen pregnancy, HIV, STDs, fertility awareness and birth control options.

A woman told me “Only two things work: abstinence and then marriage.” I said “That may work for 2%, but the 98% of us want information about birth control.”

She came back and brought me a card that said “Jesus Christ Loves You”.

I’m sure he does.

Seriously, even people who marry as virgins may want to limit their childbearing. I knew a couple who say they were abstinent until marriage. They have two lovely daughters, and the mom takes the birth control pill continuously now and works quite happily. And, the vast majority of us do want to have non procreative sex. I have heard 98% of women practice some form of birth control at some point in their reproductive years.

I was really happy about how many parents of teenagers took information and condoms.


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3 responses to “Prostelytizing at the health fair

  1. I’m one of those who was abstinent until marriage (and my husband, too) and used birth control for 5 years after we married. I do wish I had known more about fertility awareness (such as Taking Charge of Your Fertility) because perhaps I wouldn’t have done hormonal birth control, or at least considered other options. I had a few years of infertility after going off birth control and, of course, wonder if taking the pill had anything to do with it. Maybe, maybe not.

  2. MomTFH

    One of the information sheets we were giving out was on fertility awareness. I thought it was ideal to pass out, since it describes a typical cycle, along with important physiological markers of ovulation and fertility.

  3. Whatever form of birth control a woman chooses (barrier, hormonal, timing) UNDERSTANDING her fertility should be the first step. I think it is a wonderful idea to spread as much information to women as they can get. Most women, sadly, don’t truly understand how their bodies and cycles work.

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