We need some WORK

I am embarrassed. I feel sick to my stomach every time I read people defending the many recent overtly racist attacks on president Obama. I wish I could say that it is only overt racists who act as apologists, and maybe it is a weird selection bias when reading comments section online of coverage of these incidents, but really? People think it’s OK to have a cartoon depicting Obama as a dead chimp and can’t see the difference between that and this? Do people really think that, because someone made a potato joke to them and, as someone of Irish descent, they decided to let it slide, that the Mayor of Los Alamitos can send out an email with a watermelon patch taking over the White House lawn and it’s OK?

I recently joined a group on Facebook called WORK – Whites Overcoming Racism through Knowledge. All I can do is try to point out to these apologists that not every white person agrees with them. All I can do is repeat that complaining about racism is not “playing the race card” or “whining”.

And, I can keep learning myself. Earlier this year, I didn’t understand why people were complaining that it was wrong to compare gays wanting to get legally married (in the context of the Proposition 8 and similar state provisions) to Loving v. Virginia. Although I still think there is room for nuanced conversations about history and discrimination of other groups in a certain context, but now I totally see why it is wrong, repetitive and annoying for blacks to constantly be the discrimination ruler against which all other oppression in measured.

So, my hope it, if I can grow and learn, other racism apologists can grow and learn. I will do whatever I can to make this happen, for me and for others.


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3 responses to “We need some WORK

  1. You’ve probably already seen it, but just in case … I love Jay Smooth’s video “How to Tell People They Sound Racist” at http://www.illdoctrine.com/2008/07/how_to_tell_people_they_sound.html and was reminded of in various ways it by your post.

  2. MomTFH

    Yes, I love that! That was one of the first of Jay Smooth’s video blogs I saw.

  3. Being of Irish Descent I am always amazed when I meet someone from Ireland who thinks it is OK to be racist against every group imaginable. They assume I am a racist because A) I am white and B) my Grand parents were from Ireland. So I must be racist too. It always floors me when I meet someone and immediately when they realize I am from Irish descent they start trash talking every group on the planet and they assume I am with their program.

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