New improved Mommy Wars Bingo

Mommy Wars Bingo

Mommy Wars Bingo

If this bingo card isn’t showing up for you, try clicking on this link (and then clicking on it again on the next page – I don’t get it either) for a pdf version. I wish I was better at this techie stuff – sorry!
Newly added: Mothers who can’t or don’t breastfeed, single mothers and non heterosexual parents. Many, many apologies for overlooking those before, it was unintentional.

**For some reason, this is only showing up with Firefox, not Internet Explorer. If anyone can explain that one to me, please do.**


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41 responses to “New improved Mommy Wars Bingo

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  2. jendajen

    HEY! I got a new one! I made my kid autistic by only having one child, and we lavish too much attention on him. Bwahaha! Isn’t that awesome? I told the person who said this to me that she should alert the media. I also asked if I could borrow a few of her kids to see if that will fix my kid. She said no.

  3. MomTFH

    Oh wow. Wow. People seriously blow my mind. If you only neglected him a little more, or had octuplets, he would be just fine. Did you yell “Circle gets a square!!” (My Hollywood Squares reference…not really Bingo, I guess, but it’s close enough to crack me up.)

    I updated it again today. You (and I) should be happy that I added single moms to the board.

  4. lunarmama

    I’m not seeing it 😦

  5. MomTFH

    Damnit, I tried it in Internet Explorer, and it doesn’t seem to be working. It works using Firefox.

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  7. crammer

    maddening at times (esp. at the beginning) that people can be so insensitive, isn’t it!
    Personally, I’ve “learned” to ignore anybody with such non/advice, and focus my energy on those with genuine interest and curiosity about our particular situation/needs/lessons instead. Still saddens me a bit though that people can be so prone to jumping to conclusions.

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  14. Love the bingo card, although I haven’t come across any of them YET. But regarding the image showing, are you posting a JPG image (thumbnail or full size) and linking it to a PDF file? That should work. I know PDFs aren’t actually a displayable image online.

    • MomTFH

      Yes, the pic is a jpg and the clickable link below leads to a pdf. I don’t know why the jpg shows up in firefox but not in internet explorer. I think the pdf shows up in both.

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  16. MomTFH

    Mommy Wars Bingo is on shelves now in the community issue of hip Mama!

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  18. “…Put down the bingo card and pick up your activist hat, and get to work!”

  19. Haha sorry, I meant that to be a clip from my own blog post in which I linked you:

    […]Put down the bingo card and pick up your activist hat, and get to work![…]

    The original post is linked in my name. Sorry for the confusion!

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  21. Works fine in IE for me. And I have heard EVERY ONE OF THESE, some too many times to count. :sigh:

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  24. play bingo.

    Like the idea of the bingo card had problems veiwing it to start with but seems fine in firefox thanks.

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  27. b.g.

    “Parents who question vaccinations….”

    So not only are you a whiny broodsow with a martyr complex, you’re a science denialist. Too bad you and your spawn can’t get something fatal that would put nobody else at risk. MOOOOOOOOOOO.

    • MomTFH

      Wow. Epic hostility.

    • natalieushka

      b.g., go take a reading comprehension class and then come back here. mmkay?

      • MomTFH

        Yes, b.g. missed that I also defend parents who follow all standard medical care. Also, b.g. seems to have a problem with other humans making major autonomous decisions for themselves – reproductive and health decisions. I’m not surprised someone with such an extreme outlook and support of dehuminization of others’ rights would ignore that the whole card is about not judging others.

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