I give up. I need help.

Can anyone help me convert a .doc or .pdf to a .jpg? I desperately want to update my Mommy Wars Bingo card to specifically include women who cannot breastfeed (I had that in mind when I made the card. I can’t believe it wasn’t specifically spelled out in the cloth diapering, etc. box) and women who are not heteronormative (again, a major oversight). So, please comment if you can help! I give up.

Oh, and just this morning, I had a doctor tell me that she thinks anyone who gets any government money should not be allowed to have children. I am assuming she means welfare. Because any government employee, member of the military, person who receives public grants, employee of a public school, health care practitioner who gets reimbursed by Medicare or Medicaid (like her), etc. receives government money. She went on to say that no one who can’t afford it should be able to have a child. This was her way of agreeing with me about how the funding for Medicaid coverage of birth control should have been left in the stimulus package. I tried to answer tactfully, without yelling “Circle gets a square!” I said something weakly, like, how forcing people to use contraception can be “controversial” and we should first make sure that everyone who wants contraceptives has access.

To make the matter worse, this was right after the wonderful doctor who is the site director talked about his upbringing as one of four children of a single mom. Not like she should only watch was she says due to the present company, but, come on, lady.



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5 responses to “I give up. I need help.

  1. I’d be happy to help with your graphic design needs… because I love the MWB.

  2. You know it can be done in this house. 🙂

  3. If you take a screen shot of the image (hit shift plus prt sc) it will be captured as an image file, which you then can manipulate with photoediting software like Photoshop.

  4. MomTFH

    Thanks! I will try the screen shot, and then if it doesn’t work, I’ll email it out to one of you nice people:)

  5. Let me know when the new version is up so I can send it to people. 🙂

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