Reply turned post, high priced prostitution style

Feministe has a good post up about the women’s studies student who is auctioning off her virginity on the internet. Natalie Dylan (the pseudonym she is using) claims that this is a sort of social experiment. She claims she is somehow flipping the patriarchal power structure by profiting off of this. Somehow, she sees this as subversive. Here is my reply:

I don’t find it subversive at all. Taking something that is valued by a patriarchal capitalist society and selling it for a lot of money for personal gain is not subversive and really isn’t much of a social experiment.

And I have a question. What if she was a virgin who did not meet conventional beauty standards? What if she is truly a hetronormative virgin, but she is not young, not thin, or not attractive? How much money would her virginity be worth, then? She is using a pseudonym. Has she promised that the picture is accurate and current? Would it be a breach of contract if she is indeed a virgin, as promised, but somehow fails to meet some of the other epitomes of patriarchal dreams? Is that all part of the bargain?

It’s hardly likely, but I would be highly amused if some millionaire paid for his wet dream and ended up with something less, in his estimation. (Not mine). THAT would be a social commentary.

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