Jay Smooth defines patriotism

I love love love Jay Smooth. In this vlog, he defines patriotism. After all of the BS in the election, especially from Palin, about who is “UnAmerican”, not to mention constant accusations by the former administration that people who did not agree with the Iraq invasion or the use of torture or in any way criticized our government’s actions, domestic or international, was somehow unpatriotic, it is nice to hear someone defining what is patriotic in a way that I support.

“…patriotism is not about pretending this country is already perfect, it’s about believing that this country can always be better. That there is no truer patriotism than valuing our founding principles enough to know that they have never been fully realized, and having faith that we can always keep working towards those perfect ideals.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks, Jay Smooth.

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