Med Students for Choice!

I planned on making a post leading up to this, but these last two weeks have been overwhelmingly busy. I never write to do lists, and I was writing to do lists. Not that I was getting them done, but I was writing them.

Well, despite my unfinished business elsewhere, I still took off and headed to the Medical Students for Choice Annual Meeting! I am so excited. It is a magical and wonderful place. It is amazing to be in an atmosphere with intelligent, progressive people who are actively interested in reproductive rights and have thought about the subject enough to have an intelligent discussion. The workshops are great. The speakers blew me away last time.

It’s surprising that there is so much nuance in reproductive rights conversations. Well, not to me, but I am sure it is surprising to some people. I am hoping with the resounding defeat of all ‘of the ballot measures attempting to restrict choice, the national conversation on abortion and reproductive rights might tone down a little, and become a little more reasonable. Just like the national conversation on sex (prude in public, insatiable porn consuming in private), the discourse on reproductive rights is shudder inducing at times.

I am happy that there isn’t much of a chance of someone saying “slutty girls” shouldn’t have access to emergency contraception without “supervision”. I heard this was from a medical student from my school. This was her reaction to finding out that emergency contraception is available over the counter. She is a woman, and the president of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association chapter at our school, so she is someone who I assumed would be an ally to the reproductive rights movement, or at least would not be a slut shamer. But, being a medical student does not necessarily mean you are informed on reproductive rights, being a woman does not mean you can have a sensitive discussion on reproductive rights, and being progressive on certain issues does not mean that you are supportive of reproductive rights.

So, therefore, we need Medical Students for Choice. The more dialogue we have, the more informed and intelligent the discussion is. Hopefully we can all spread the nuance back home.


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2 responses to “Med Students for Choice!

  1. drfrenchfry

    So glad to hear you made it to the convention! I am a second year student, and just re-established MS4C at my school. I was shocked that we didn’t have it to begin with. I really wanted to make it to the convention but I have a huge exam on Monday. Too bad. Keep up the good work!

  2. MomTFH

    Oh,dang, I was hoping to see you here. It is definitely worth it. My roommate is studying for an exam, and I definitely don’t envy him. I was lucky (?) to have an exam this past Wednesday, so I can relax a little bit this weekend.

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