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Slutty medical school?

Sometimes I check my blog stats just to see what search terms are bringing people to my blog. Once “research making head explode” brought someone here. I feel sorry for the poor soul who did that search.

Yesterday someone found me by searching the terms “slutty medical school”. I don’t know what to say.

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In the round and then for real

We held a fantastic event at our medical school Wednesday night. We were a little disappointed in the student turn out, but otherwise, it was wonderful. We had a panel of eight female physicians speaking about being a woman in medicine. Seven of the eight are mothers, so there was a lot of discussion about pregnancy, babies and family. I was happy with the diversity of our panel. We had one Chinese doctor, a few hispanics, a lesbian (who humorously advised us to wait until menopause and then let our partner carry the baby), a few Jewish doctors, and only two WASPs like me. Unfortunately, the two black doctors (I don’t like the term African American, which rarely applies to the frequently Caribbean born blacks in South Florida) who we invited were not able to attend, and neither were the Indian doctors. We are blessed with a diverse pool of professors and physicians associated with our school.

I wish we videotaped or had transcripts of the discussion. We got great advice, from having a fire drill-like plan of what to do if we get groped by a patient or a fellow physician (which has happened to members of the panel), to how to answer (or not answer) illegal questions in interviews about how soon we were planning on getting pregnant, how to manage when our kids our sick, and other wonderful bits of information and experience.

The next morning, I was driving 4 year old Z to school. He was sitting next to the big contraption the catering company rented to me to keep the food warm for the event. He was confused, somehow thinking it was for me to bring food to the people at the hospital. I explained to him that I was still in school to learn to be a doctor, then I would go to the hospital to help people.

Z paused for a second and then asked, thoughtfully, “When you are a doctor and you go to the doctor place, will you still be my mommy?”

“Yes,” I said. “I will always be your mommy.”

“Will you still come home to me?”

Oh, kid, you’re killing me. “Yes, I will still come home to you.” In my head, I was thinking, sometimes, during residency, it may seem like I don’t. But I will always come home, eventually. When all the babies are born, all the sutures are closed, all the cases are presented, I will come home. And I will try to find out about your homework and listen to you and hug you and kiss you before I collapse into bed.


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Dr. Vaginsky

I found out that some men have gotten together and created a supportive ally-type production called the MENding Monologues as an adjunct to the Vagina Monologues. Finally, I have something to say when the next oh-so-original shmoe asks me why there are no Penis Monologues. Well, other than making some inappropriate insinuation that he is referring to his own mastabatory habits.

Here is a fantastic monologue from the production. (Well, I am not crazy about the accent but I’ll get over it). Enjoy!

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Wish me luck

We (our school’s chapter of AMWA) had a fantastic Women in Medicine panel tonight, and a good intro meeting for our production of the Vagina Monolgues.

I am a little less stressed out now that those meetings are out of the way. Now I am applying for a research fellowship. Wish me luck!

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Med Students for Choice!

I planned on making a post leading up to this, but these last two weeks have been overwhelmingly busy. I never write to do lists, and I was writing to do lists. Not that I was getting them done, but I was writing them.

Well, despite my unfinished business elsewhere, I still took off and headed to the Medical Students for Choice Annual Meeting! I am so excited. It is a magical and wonderful place. It is amazing to be in an atmosphere with intelligent, progressive people who are actively interested in reproductive rights and have thought about the subject enough to have an intelligent discussion. The workshops are great. The speakers blew me away last time.

It’s surprising that there is so much nuance in reproductive rights conversations. Well, not to me, but I am sure it is surprising to some people. I am hoping with the resounding defeat of all ‘of the ballot measures attempting to restrict choice, the national conversation on abortion and reproductive rights might tone down a little, and become a little more reasonable. Just like the national conversation on sex (prude in public, insatiable porn consuming in private), the discourse on reproductive rights is shudder inducing at times.

I am happy that there isn’t much of a chance of someone saying “slutty girls” shouldn’t have access to emergency contraception without “supervision”. I heard this was from a medical student from my school. This was her reaction to finding out that emergency contraception is available over the counter. She is a woman, and the president of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association chapter at our school, so she is someone who I assumed would be an ally to the reproductive rights movement, or at least would not be a slut shamer. But, being a medical student does not necessarily mean you are informed on reproductive rights, being a woman does not mean you can have a sensitive discussion on reproductive rights, and being progressive on certain issues does not mean that you are supportive of reproductive rights.

So, therefore, we need Medical Students for Choice. The more dialogue we have, the more informed and intelligent the discussion is. Hopefully we can all spread the nuance back home.


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YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!


From a beautiful picture series found here.

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Happy election day!!!

I am so excited! I haven’t voted yet, so wish me luck. Ehhhhhh….

So, for Med Students for Choice, we are making custom buttons for election day. We have sold tons of buttons, from “McCain/Palin” to “I think, therefore I am liberal”.

The ones I made for myself:
“Obama by a landslide!” on the Obama “O”. I woke up to that phrase on NPR and I was so thrilled. I found out soon after that they were referring to a small election in New Hampshire in which exit polls indicated that Obama got 15 votes, and McCain only got 6.

I also made myself a cool peace sign, and the feminist symbol with the women’s symbol with a fist in it.

Ugh, 12 more hours of excruciating suspense. I sincerely hope there is no recount (especially not here in Florida. Please. Please please please please.) and that the results are conclusive. I don’t want to wake up like I did Nov. 5th in 2000, and hear the confusion and chaos I heard on NPR that morning.

Say it with me…

“Obama by a landslide!”

OK, make it so!

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