My Dream Cabinet

OK, who’s a big wonk? Anyone else checking election maps several times a day? How many fact checking sites have you been to recently?

Anyone else have a dream cabinet?

Secretary of Agriculture: Willie Nelson
Secretary of the Interior: Al Gore
Secretary of Defense: Wesley Clark
Secretary of Labor: Robert Reich
Secretary of State: Jimmy Carter
Press Secretary: Rachel Maddow
Surgeon General: Dr. Gloria Wilderbraithwaite

OK, help me out with the rest. I should be studying, and there should be more women and people of color on my list. Cynthia McKinney could be supervisor of elections. Is that a federal position? I don’t think so.


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2 responses to “My Dream Cabinet

  1. Willie Nelson. LOL. I guess he can’t be in charge of energy policy because he has a conflict of interest in BioWillie. 😉

    I’ve had a passing thought that Nader would be more effective at the GAO than doing what he’s doing.

  2. MomTFH

    Yeah, well, my dreams are sometimes silly dreams.
    Ralph Nader for GAO, sounds good. I want Noam Chomsky in there. I cross posted this on Feministing community and got some other good recommendations.

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