One of the funniest things I have ever read

I love Heart even more now.

I think that Meatloaf comment may be the best insult I have ever read. If someone said that to me, I would cry.

Seriously, what are they thinking? Did you all know that Jackson Browne is suing the McCain campaign for using one of his songs IN A COMMERCIAL without permission. That is stealing. What a great example of ethics and reform, Republicans! If college students are being hauled out of their dorm rooms for downloading MP3s without permission, what the hell do they think they are doing? Todd Palin, Karl Rove, ignore those sub poenas. McCain’s campaign, ignore those copyright laws. Just don’t try to blow that reform nonsense smoke up our asses anymore.


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3 responses to “One of the funniest things I have ever read

  1. Leigh

    That is hilarious!

    I’m just a little bummed that it isn’t really from Heart:

  2. MomTFH

    Yeah, I didn’t have the time to check out its validity myself yet. I took the comment about Meatloaf either as either proof it was them or proof someone was trying to sound like them.

    It is still good entertainment value.

  3. MomTFH

    Oh, and Jackson Browne is really suing them, I saw him interviewed about it. OK, it was on the Colbert Report, but it was really him. Heart also did send the original cease and desist request.

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