Mommy wars bingo

Please go to the new, even better Mommy Wars Bingo card.

I was inspired by anti-feminist bingo and white liberal bingo. Play along on your favorite message board or blog comment thread!

Thank you Vee for helping me with the techie stuff. Funny, I had to switch my blog design to fit the gameboard, and before I went to her blog to get the link, I switched to the same design she has! Hey, it’s one of the few templates that would allow the wide gameboard, and I am not tech savvy enough to adjust the widths on the other templates.


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11 responses to “Mommy wars bingo

  1. Yep. Been there, done that. Of course, I did have four kids because i was a religious nut breeding Christian Warriors… Oddly, the Goddess had other plans.

  2. MomTFH

    I added “Non heterosexual parents don’t deserve to be parents,” too, but I am not tech savvy enough to fix the post. Maybe when I have some spare (hah) time.

  3. McCain basically got N2 during the debate – equating having a military dad with being raised by a single mother.

  4. MomTFH

    Yup! You are right, Rachel.

    I do have sympathy for parents on extended tours, but it isn’t the same thing as being a single mother.

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  8. Hee!!

    That center square…

  9. MomTFH

    There’s a reason why it’s the center square! Because I hear it all. the. time.

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