My night

I have been totally hectic. I haven’t had time to post or do much of anything else other than bounce around like a ping pong ball. I started my MPH class.

So, tonight. Made dinner, watched the Democratic convention with an old friend and drank some wine while working on some homework (not studying, it was a group session write up. I only had two glasses, but still, I don’t drink and study.) So, I turned in my assignment, friend left, DH went to bed, and what am I doing? Sleeping? Updating my calendar with the kids’ school schedules? Studying?

No, making chocolate and toffee chip banana muffins for a fundraiser at school tomorrow.

At midnight. I am nuts.

Tomorrow morning I am going to wake up, make a few pots of coffee, and host a breakfast bake sale outside the classroom to fund our trip to a regional convention.

I can’t WAIT until the three day weekend.

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