Back and bad

Howdy, folks. I am sorry about the scarce posting, but I have been the victim of lucky enough to have been on a month long vacation with my in laws. I am back. I squeaked in with a few hours to spare before my first class. I survived four hours of lecture in dim lights on three hours of sleep. Now I should be taking a nap, but something got me riled up. I can’t see of a way to comment on the post, so I figured I would just put my thoughts here. I wanted to post on the original piece and on feministing at the new community site, but neither one seems to be happening for me right now.

As a future Ob/gyn, I see no conflict at all in going from one clinic room with a infertile woman to the next room with a woman who wants an abortion. I have always had a real problem with people who somehow think one woman’s fertility is worth more than another’s. Fertility is incredibly random and totally fucking unfair, and I am not going to heap guilt or blame on a woman with an unwanted pregnancy because another woman can’t conceive. They both have one thing in common: reproductive choice and a menu of shitty options. I will be serving both of their needs and desires, supporting both of them 100%, emotionally and professionally.

Of course I do not believe doctors should be forced to perform abortions, just as the author of this blog claims she does not support extremist anti-choicers.You know, the ones that kill health care workers, bomb clinics, terrorize doctors, have their children wave signs with gruesome photos on them, try to restrict birth control access, try incessantly to make the procedure, which is the most common surgery in the United States, illegal and unsafe, and succeed in forcing the discussion of abortion underground.

No, XX, the majority of the country is NOT anti choice, as any survey will tell you. Yes, the procedure is not pretty and causes uncomfortable feelings, but so does the birth process. Want to talk about fourth degree tears through the rectum from pushing right now? How about many of numerous gruesome and/or ethically challenging medical procedures that DON’T involve a woman’s sexuality? Are you blogging about force feeding terminally ill cancer patients? Aren’t they patients, too? Where is the outrage?

A child can be a patient. A blastosphere or embryo is a future child, not a patient as you claim. In the vast majority of cases, more than 80%, it is a small amount of tissue. If abortion was killing a child, almost 40% of women of childbearing age would not be getting the procedure. Killing a child is a horrid, gruesome thing, and I am offended you would accuse so many women in this country of doing such a thing or accuse the majority of the country of supporting it. Please stop using inflammatory language. You are kicking women when they are down. If you think it is wrong, don’t get one, and don’t become an abortion provider. It’s simple.


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2 responses to “Back and bad

  1. 4th yr medstudent

    Great post!
    I agree with you that non-obgyn residents should not be obligated to perform abortions. However, I also feel strongly that those who feel they can’t provide comprehensive care, including abortion services, should avoid obgyn as a career.

    -MSIV and future obgyn

  2. MomTFH

    Thanks. I completely agree. I can understand, from an idealistic point of view, how someone who is anti abortion could think obstetrics and abortion are opposites, one bringing life into the world and one preventing it. However, the spectrum of fertility care is not black and white. D & Cs are an essential tool in the management of women’s health. I also believe full reproductive choice is key to women’s health, and I wish all ob/gyns agreed.

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