Screeching to a halt

My summer vacation will end Monday morning when I return to class. I will be an M2 (jargon for a second year student in medical school), with new hard classes like pharmacology *shudder*, plus the added responsibility of being an officer in a few clubs and two MPH classes. Oh, and I am going to try out working for the notes service a few hours a week.

I have already started having nightmares.

I am doing research for a grant writing class (my MPH classes started earlier this summer). I found out that the author of many studies on midwifery care and maternal inequalities is affiliated with the University of Miami Jackson Medical Center, which is where I want to do my residency. I am excited about trying to find her. I am hoping she can come and give a talk about doing research in women’s health.

I am also thrilled to see this kind of a paragraph in an article about women’s health, especially obstetrics. I love seeing examples that feminist does NOT equal anti motherhood:

“From a feminist perspective, research on childbirth and women’s
health is a means to social change, conducted in partnership
with women and for their benefit.51 Feminists try to make
the research process cooperative and transparent by including
women’s and community groups on research advisory boards
to help formulate research questions, design studies, and
interpret their results. Sometimes women are asked directly
what they want and need from health care, and interventions
are designed on the basis of their responses, rather than on
researchers’ preconceived objectives. A feminist perspective
could add an important new dimension to research on midwifery
care of the poor by involving women as partners as
well as subjects.”

from Midwifery Care of Poor and Vulnerable Women, 1925-2003, by Raisler and Kenndey, J Midwifery Womens Health 2005;50:113–121

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