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Hospital to ban VBACs

(Hat tip to Rachel at Our Bodies Our Blog)

The only hospital in Flagstaff, Arizona is banning vaginal births after cesarean (VBAC) births. This is ridiculous, to me, since ACOG declares it to be safe, recent research indicates that complications are rare and VBACS are generally successful, and the faculty advisor for our student Ob/Gyn interest group says targeting VBACs is the most effective way to lower the cesarean rate. He may be right.

Unfortunately, this does not appear to be an isolated occurrence.

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What a wonderful day

My friend CableGirl shared a gift certificate to the spa with me, to celebrate my finishing the first year of medical school intact. It was fantabulous. I could definitely get used to being spatacular.

It has finally sunk in that I made it. I felt euphoric as of Saturday afternoon, I think. I am very proud of how well I did on my finals, especially considering sicko Z. Whew! One down, three to go.


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Stick a fork in me…

…I’m done!

I finished my last final yesterday. I am officially finished with my first year of medical school.

It feels so great to be able to drink wine with dinner. It feels so wonderful to not have to look forward to studying until two in the morning. It was grueling, don’t get me wrong, but I thought it would be harder. I wasn’t sure I could make it, and I did. I wasn’t sure I would fit in, and I think I made a lot of friends. I was pleasantly surprised with my classmates, myself, and the school. I can’t wait until we start learning systems next year. Well, strike that. I can definitely wait six weeks.


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Flashback Friday – Tazo Awake Tea


Tazo Awake tea gets me through the day. They are not false advertisers. That stuff keeps me awake in class. It is the main force getting me through finals week with a sick three year old. Not only do they have an awesome website and amusing labels, but their line of teas is fantastic, and I am a tea hound. I know my Lapsang Souchong from my Oolong.

I can find it everywhere now: the grocery store, the Starbucks kiosk at the school. I remember the first time I had it, however. I was visiting Herb Pharm in beautiful Williams, Oregon. It was the height of the boom in the natural products industry. Herbal companies would fly health food store buyers, like me, out to the company for an all expenses paid training and tour.

Herb Pharm was beautiful. I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. The people were wonderful and passionate. Herbal Ed was great to hang out with, share herbs with (I have shared kava and other herbs with this man, wink wink) and learn from. He valued scientific tools to verify traditional usage of herbs and to guarantee safety and effectiveness. I was just falling in love with natural medicine, which has led me to where I am today, one day from being done with my first year of medical school.

I remember being the first one up one morning, suffering from my inability to sleep anywhere I am visiting and being accustomed to the Eastern timezone. They had a teapot on the stove and a box of tea for us. The tea was Tazo Awake. That was the most perfect cup of tea I have ever had. The house was silent. The tea was magnificent. (Tazo’s loose version of this tea won a blind taste testing at Cook’s Illustrated.) The boarding house was where their herbal apprentices slept, and it was right in the middle of the farm and gardens.

I am a very different person than I was that morning ten years ago. I am not sure if I had even decided I wanted to go to medical school yet, and I didn’t have any kids. But, I still loved a great cup of tea.

To check out another fan of tea and other Flashback Friday posts, check out CableGirl at 42.


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‘Aliens are my brother’

That was the title of an article in the Vatican newspaper, written by Father Gabriel Funes, the Vatican astronomer. I didn’t even know there was a Vatican astronomer! I envision him dressed like the sorcerer in Fantasia.

He wrote about so many fascinating things, according to the BBC, anyway. I am not sure if the Vatican newspaper is written in Latin or Italian, but I can’t read either. I would have to hire CableGirl to fact check. Not only does he say there may be intelligently designed beings on other planets, but they may be free from original sin. Apparently, whatever female beings there are there might not have screwed everything up.

Also, the Vatican is going to hold a conference to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. My goodness, I bet Ben Stein’s head just exploded. We are in for more killing, I presume.


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Oh, the irony

I thought it was ironic when I was studying the physiology of fertility and pregnancy on Mother’s Day. Now, Z has croup and I have a virology test, my microbiology final, on Friday. (HPIV 1 will be on the exam). Big problem is, I have an Osteopathic Principles & Practices final tomorrow. I have a written exam at 8 a.m. and a practical exam at 10:30 a.m. Coach Stu has field day tomorrow at his school.

Z has been better in the mornings and crashes every afternoon and evening. I kept him home today. He was fine, full of energy and without a trace of fever all day. He fell asleep late this afternoon on the way home from hanging out at my school with big brother S in the lounge while I was at a review. He woke up barking, crying, lethargic, flushed, and with a fever.

My mom has offered to let him hang out at her school, either in the classroom with her teaching partner during her two 40 minute classes or in the nurse’s office. Coach Stu will be able to drop him off since her school is near his school. Both are almost an hour from our home. I should be out by 11:30 or so at the latest.

I am thinking he may be OK to go to school in the morning – he has been fine in the mornings and is only symptomatic in the afternoons and evenings, then sleeps all night without any problem. I would hate to drop him off there if he was feeling sick, even though I know he is not contagious anymore. I am not sure being at my mother’s school by 7 a.m. is any more comforting. Why is it so hard to be a caring parent and have a career or education? Sheesh, wish me luck.


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Music Monday – Steven Banks

I used an old VHS tape with some room on the end of it to turn in some animation as a final project in art school. Unfortunately, it also had some cool Canadian animation and a great one man show by Steven Banks. My ex never let me live it down.

Thank Maude for You Tube

I have had this song stuck in my head forever. This clip is from later on in the show – I highly recommend watching all of the segments.

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