Pro-choice means having babies, too

I was so happy when speakers at our Medical Students for Choice meeting discussed far more than just abortion. Not only did they also discuss birth control access, sex education and teen pregnancy, but they also talked about choices in obstetrical delivery methods, practices and practitioners, and access of poor women and women of color to infertility care. Reproductive rights are full spectrum, baby.

I have had friends and acquaintances with varying degrees of fertility issues, from hyperfertility (like me!), problems conceiving, secondary infertility to a complete lack of fertility. Fertility is an unfair crapshoot at best. With numbers thrown around that 10% of couples suffer from infertility and more than 50% of pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned, there is a whole bunch of unfairness spread around.

I thought this article at RHReality Check is a wonderful discussion about the cost of infertility treatments, and the attitude of some of our society that poor women somehow do not deserve to be parents. It only touches one aspect of a very complicated issue, but I think it is a great post.

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