So much going on

I am trying to remember to post on here, but our academic year is coming to a close. I just celebrated barely passing a parasitology and mycology exam by eating some wild boar. When I looked on the internet for recipes, the first page I went to had links to the Department of Health, to one of the very same parasites I was tested on that morning.

Parasitology was an interesting course. After seeing pictures of foot long worms crawling out of a kid’s nose and mouth (click if you can handle it) I am even more convinced that I do not want to be a pediatrician or a tropical disease specialist. If someone comes to be because something is wiggling inside of them, and it is not a human fetus, then I am referring them to my sick friend (just kidding, I appreciate people who want to practice in other fields and I am grateful that I will have someone who will take my referrals) who specialized in tropical or infectious medicine.

I am writing a paper for my MPH degree on cervical cancer. I am supposed to attend THREE dinner functions this week – one tonight to accept an award for SAOG being club of the year, voted by the administration. One to shmooze with local women physicians tomorrow. One on Thursday to ask alumni about being a D.O. One that the class president is trying to get an Ob/Gyn to attend. I may skip this one.

I am really busy and wish I had more time for my friends, but as you can see, my family isn’t even seeing me that much. I am not doing so hot with the realm of virtual friends right now, so I am going to try to make the most of real human contact during my six weeks off that I get, starting in mid May.

Speaking of wild boars…one man springs to mind…

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  1. mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm. wild boar. I’ll pass on the worms though. lol

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