I went to the Medical Students for Choice convention last weekend. It was an incredible experience. I met fantastic people, and got inspired by physicians, other students, and activists.

I could tell a lot of stories, but there is one experience I had in particular that I wanted to share. We were packing up to check out of the hotel. One of my roommates, the president of our school chapter of the group for this year, told us to clean up carefully and try not to leave behind any pro choice literature. The organization didn’t want any complaints from any hotel staff that didn’t agree with out politics.

As we were leaving the room, a hotel employee, a porter, saw us in the hallway. He noticed that we had lots of luggage and one of us was on crutches. He offered to take our bags. When we were all in the elevator together, he noticed our name tags. “You all are with the medical students convention downstairs?” We said yes. I thought about how we were warned not to wear our lanyards and badges around town.

“I think what you all are doing down there is making some really great progress. I have heard there are some real problems with access to abortion.”

I was floored. He got a good tip!


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2 responses to “MS4C

  1. Nonna

    Long time reader. First time comment. Hi there, Sweetie. Loved your story about a very progressive porter. It’s always a woman’s choice.

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