John McCain is no patriot

Hmm, well, apparently using the word “patriotism” in my last post made the automatic ad service tag a John McCain ad onto my post. Click on the title of the last post and see if you see it.

Umm, I respect that he served our country and was a POW, but he has not defended other veterans, such as Kerry and Mutha, whose war records were relentlessly attacked by a political machine whose leaders, Bush and Cheney, both ducked military service. And, he just voted against the GI Bill.

Did you hear why Bush and McCain claim to be against the GI Bill? Because if we make things too good for our new veterans when they get out, they might get even more pissed when they get sent back on third and fourth tours of duty.

Not patriots.

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  1. It can be so weird what ads show up. Basically, John McCain bought ads using the search term “patriotism”. I get formula ads whenever I talk about breastfeeding. Same idea.

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