Flashback to Friday

OK, I am a little late, but:

1. Cablegirl has known me FAR too long to be surprised by this and

2. I had quite a full day yesterday. I had my bacteriology test, which is rumored to be (and I agree) the hardest test of the semester, a huge write up due for Clinical Practicum, and a really busy day in the HIV testing clinic. I am still surviving with a B in Microbiology, I remembered how much I liked working in a busy clinic helping people, especially in a field in which I am interested, sexual health, and I turned in my write-up three minutes before the deadline!

So, I have had this post in my head for a while for Flashback Friday, but I didn’t get it in past the deadline yesterday. I barely had time to decompress, make dinner for the first time in age, put the kids to bed for the first time in ages, hang out with a school friend for the first time in ages (yes, we may site in class near each other occasionally, but that doesn’t mean we have time to socialize) before she leaves for a mission trip today, and drank wine for the first time in ages, and then slept for more than four hours for the first time in ages.

My dad was a very interesting person. He was older than most of my peers’ dads even when I was the same age as most of my peers. He was older when he died a few years ago than most of my classmates’ grandparents now. He went to the naval Academy, class of 1940, got a master’s degree in engineering from MIT, and spent most of his life in the US Navy. He was a very intelligent man. One of his most endearing quirks was adding words to the dictionary. Most of them came from crossword puzzles, which he loved. (He supposedly taught himself to speak Spanish by doing Spanish crossword puzzles. I don’t think that would work for most people). I have his dictionary now as a keepsake, somewhere, and it is hard to open up to a page without seeing his painstaking notations, sometimes several per page. And this was no small Webster’s dictionary, this was a thick thousand page jobbie.

As I was typing up my write up, I happened to be thinking about him as I was working, and I thought of his dictionary adding habit. I usually end that sort of a reminiscence by thinking well, I would never do something like that. As I was typing, one of the words I typed was underlined by Microsoft Word, which was trying to tell me it was a misspelled word. I knew that it wasn’t, and without thinking, and with no small degree of annoyance at how incomplete the program dictionary was, I opted to “Add word to dictionary”, like I always do. Wow. Light bulb moment there.

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  1. I HATE MS Word. Not only is the dictionary repulsively incomplete, but it also has misspelled words in it. Seriously! I’m always adding and editing my spell checker. 🙂

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