Strange fruit

This new upgrade of my site does not let me embed video! Grumble grumble. Please click on the links for Music Monday.

I customized a radio station for studying on I started with Amy Winehouse, and added Tracy Chapman and Billie Holiday. One of my many breaks involved looking up Billie Holiday. I never knew that the song “Strange Fruit” was about lynching. Although I have an extensive big band and blues collection, including an entire CD of just Billie Holiday, I do not own a copy of the song and I had never heard it. When I had heard the title of the song in the past, I assumed it was about homosexuality, since she was rumored to be bisexual. No, it is about another kind of minority.

I am overdue for Music Monday for two weeks, so here is the one I was going to post last week. I listened to a lot of crazy music when I was studying for neuroanatomy, but Tom Waits’ Alice had to be the most apropos. (My word for the week, for some reason.)

So, when reading about all sorts of mental conditions, listening to “Kommienezuspadt” on my headphones in the library was quite amusing:

As, ahem, interesting his weird stuff is, that is not why I listen to him. This short, beautiful song is also on that album. I’m Still Here has to be one of the most beautiful songs I have heard (and it’s short!) It made me cry when I was getting divorced, and it still makes my heart ache a little.

I’ll cut you all a break and save my entry I never posted from the week before that next week, when I am on spring break!


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3 responses to “Strange fruit

  1. I only recently learned of both Strangefruit and its meaning. It is just haunting.

    Thanks for playing. You are never “overdue”. Just make some music when you can!

  2. I find Strange Fruit to be one of the saddest, most disturbing songs, ever. And I just LOVE I’m Still Here. I used to listen to it over and over in high school. (Like I had anything to be a survivor about in THOSE days, hahahahaha).

  3. Oops, different “I’m Still Here.” The Waits song is haunting.

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