Back! Didja miss me?

I haven’t been blogging recently. I was extremely busy, as we are coming into the home stretch of a horrible streak of exams every Monday. It ends with spring break, which is in mid March. And, i managed to forget/lose my password to the site. Well, turns out the site was due for a makeover anyway, I got a new password, and I am back.

I had a lot of posts partially composed in my head that have come and gone by now. I figured I will just do a little catching up.

I am going to be in a production of The Vagina Monolgues at my school. I am part of a charity event sponsored by AMWA.

I have really enjoyed being involved with the AMWA group at my school. We have had great speakers and have had fundraisers to support breast cancer research and to help a local domestic violence survivor’s charity. I am running for a position in the club next year. This year I was one of the M1 reps.

it has been a really grueling week and an especially grueling day. I am going to veg out and then catch some Zzzzzz’s.


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2 responses to “Back! Didja miss me?

  1. So you got tix for me? or do I have to call and order them from somewhere?

  2. MomTFH

    I can get them for you. No worries! One?

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