Borrowed music

My mother-in-law very nicely gave me her MP3 player. Well, she gave it to Sebastian, and I decided we are sharing it, especially since I am the one who is going to have to set it up with music, and I need one for studying.

I set up the software on the computer and finally got my computer to recognize it, but I had to leave to go study and didn’t have time to add any of my own music to it.

It is so obvious that they are retired hippies living in the Keys, and not medical students setting setting up a playlist for studying.

Grateful Dead

Bob Dylan Rainy Day Women “Everybody must get stoned…..”

Lots of Bob Marley

Willie Nelson

Eagles “Take it Easy”

Jimmy Buffet live…including him saying “Hey, that smells good in the front row. Whatcha smokin? I better start playing before I get hungry.”

I kept giggling at the irony in the library.

Back to biochem.

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  1. lol. Love it. But now way my choices for studying. lol

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