Weekend plans

Happy Music Monday, folks!

I rarely plan out posts on here. I usually get a bee in my bonnet (did you notice I can rant?) and type furiously, and then I move on about my day. I never thought of myself as the type to stick to a themed, scheduled weekly deal. Even when I blogged professionally, I would mix up when I posted my “Top Tin” lists, and rarely had ten items on the list. I’m not trying to be rebellious just for the sake of it. Ask CableGirl. I am a *tad* disorganized.

But, I LOVE Music Monday. If I hear a song during the week, I can just tuck it away and post it on Monday. And, most of our exams are on Mondays. So, I can ignore blogging for the weekend (unless I am mopey or ranty), come home after the test, and pull that best song that week out for a light hearted post.

I heard this song just before the weekend, appropriately. This one is for all the tragically-used-to-be-hip parents out there.


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3 responses to “Weekend plans

  1. Okay, I get it!! The other one was last week’s!

    Soooo funny and unfortunately so true! (sigh)

    It’s funny because SMID’s visit was such a surprise and I can only imagine what her DH went through just so she could take off for a weekend. I’m not sure my is ready for the responsibility. And trying to plan dates with other families is a logistical negotiation that deserves diplomatic recognition!!

    Another great Music Monday Darlin’!

  2. Hahahahahahaha!

    Holy crap, that is FUNNY! I am still holding my sides after laughing so hard all the way through that video.

    That is seriously gold.


    Can’t wait to show MY HUSBAND!!

  3. I’m still shaking my head–too funny. What a hoot. Those lyrics HAD to be written by someone who really KNOWS LOL.

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