Shaking your eyes here…

flashback-friday.jpgToday for Flashback Friday I want to share a video. I am taking the Flashback Friday a bit farther. Not only will I be talking about past events, but I will be sharing a story of being reminded of past events whenever I can. Deja vu. A flashback, if you will.

I was an art student back in the day. I wanted to be an animator. While many adult animation buffs are all over the anime, I have always preferred Canadian animation. I copied some of my favorites on to a VHS tape that I ended up lending out, and I never got it back. Fast forward ten years, and I am trying to give S a piano lesson while Z is using his toy tools all over the room, including using a toy saw on the piano bench. I suddenly remembered this short animation, and I went straight to youtube when the piano lesson was done.

Without any further ado, The Big Snit

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  1. Wow. lol. That’s an awesome cartoon.

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