Good for them

Two teenagers were suspended for wearing “Safe Sex or No Sex” shirts with condoms taped to them, objecting to the abstinence only education that is taught at their school.

Bush’s new budget suggests cuts in lots of health programs, including family planning ones, even though teen pregnancy is on the rise. But, it increases funding for abstinence only education. The same programs that research repeatedly finds to be ineffective, or even worse, promoting unsafe sex.


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5 responses to “Good for them

  1. Don’t you just love how the right to free speech stops at the school room door? How are we supposed to raise kids who are equipped to participate in a democracy if this is how they are treated at school?

  2. Way to go, kids! I’d be proud of my daughter for taking action like that.

    Stacie – You think the point of education is to raise children to participate in democracy? Come on, you’ve worked in the system long enough to know that isn’t true.

  3. Ha, yes, it is much more to condition them to be obedient citizens.

    How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?

  4. “How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?” – I’m so glad my mom introduced me to Pink Floyd as a tot, and generally approved of system-challenging. 😉

  5. j-rap

    Rock on little sisters! I would be SO proud of my kid for doing this or something like it.

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