An advantage to being a mom in med school

PhotobucketI have a dry erase easel available after the kids go to sleep. I am using it to diagram neural pathways as I study for neuroanatomy. Here is the epicritic pathway, the pathway of discriminative touch: two point tactile discrimination, vibration and proprioception (knowing where your body parts are).

Speaking of which, people with advanced syphilis have a harder time knowing where their feet are, since the spirochete chomps the fasciculus gracilus (which is labeled on the drawing – see?), the pathway that carries this information from the feet to the cerebral cortex. So, victims of advanced syphilis often have a wide stance. I’m just sayin’.


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3 responses to “An advantage to being a mom in med school

  1. And who said you couldn’t combine your artistic ability with your med school studies. 😉

  2. This will give me plenty of chances to look askance at those with wide stances.

  3. Ha! Tell me about it. It seems like half of the dysfunctions we are learning about involve syphilis. I have already diagnosed two people in my class from afar.

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