Funny kid quotes

Can you tell I’m on vacation? Post a rama.

S asked me today what if, at medical school, they were really training me to be a super secret ninja, and they were only brainwashing me to think I was going to medical school.

I laughed, quickly wondered if it would be easier to train to be a super secret ninja. I’d definitely be in better shape.

He responded, with deadpan seriousness, “No, really, mom. What if?”

And, Z told me the other day, “I don’t ever want to change or grow up, because then Dada is going to melt.” I figure he saw some book where a kid grows up and his dad ages, and gets more stooped over and his face starts to droop. Kind of like a dashboard figurine melting or something, in a way. I reassured him that his dad would age exactly like Papa Steve, his dad’s dad. Z is cool with that.


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2 responses to “Funny kid quotes

  1. OOoooh… ninja training? Love it.

  2. You would!

    You know, I was thinking recently – if someone told us 15 years ago that I would be in med school and you would be teaching kung fu, we would have laughed our heads off.

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