Should / want / will

I saw this on a message board, and I am stealing it for my blog today.

I should be studying for my biochem final. Instead, I have been organizing my Thanksgiving menu. Much more fun.

I want to apply for the dual DO/ MPH (Masters of Public Health) program at my school, but my head is spinning. There are so many reasons I want to do it and don’t want to. Tuition for it is free for DO students. I am ALL about Public Health. And, it is fun to say “DOMPH!” It sounds like the sound an underinflated basketball makes, or Homer Simpson being punched in the mouth. I am thinking of combining it with a research fellowship, which would get two years of my tuition paid, but it would take an extra year. But, a dual degree? At 34 with two kids? Am I crazy?

I will drink my tea and try to decide whether to take the dog and kids for a walk or finally begin studying.


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3 responses to “Should / want / will

  1. Orb


    You’d love the program, and if you didn’t do it now, you’d probably go back in 10 years to get the mph. I think you should do it now while the resources are easily available. Family wise – maybe ask your kids for their opinion?

  2. You’re right, I would love it. My husband already said not to let them stand in the way of an opportunity.

  3. At 34, you are definitely not too old to do anything. Dont let that stop you.

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