Another overly aggressive fellow student

So, the student who wrote that offensive insulting email previously bitched about on here by me has apologized. I am sure there was some persuading by SGA and other students before that apology came out. Amusingly, I found out he was kicked out of another med school for behavioral issues, apparently.

Then, on Friday, I had a student who sits near me in the main auditorium freak out on me when I spilled my tea near her, obviously by accident. She screamed out “FUCK!” in the auditorium (mid lecture!), stormed off, came back with paper towels (I had already cleaned it up by the time she got back – with facial tissue – it was not a big spill) and then proceeded to try to tell me off while the lecturer was still mid lecture. I shushed her, which apparently infuriated her more.

She proceeded to tell me in the break a bunch of interesting and barely coherent nonsense, including telling me that I think I own the place. (She is an MBS student, which is a master’s track for people who can’t make it into med school via the normal routes. They have to get a B or higher in all the hard science classes we take, and then they can be M1s the next year. She took my accidental spill as a metaphor for all med students crapping on all MBS students, apparently, since my spies tell me she was yelling about all of us in the bathroom when she was getting the paper towels).

So, I was upset for most of the day that someone in a medical school setting would behave like that. Her behavior included sucking her teeth at me, saying ridiculous things like “Don’t tell me what I think!” after she told me that I think I own the place and all I said is that it was hard to apologize to someone when they immediately curse and storm out of the room, especially when I thought none of it even touched her. She claimed my lukewarm tea burned her, which is a laugh, because I only drink lukewarm tea, it was about two hours old, I had put three ice cubes in it, and if any of it touched her, it had to be tiny drops that splashed off the table. None of it poured on her.

For those of you who don’t know me in person, I am EXTREMELY clumsy, especially when it comes to spilling things. I spilled tea on my laptop twice. Half of the med school class calls me “Spillery”, seriously. So, now that I am over the anger and frustration at her outrageous reaction, I am thankful that I have a new joke in my repertoire. Every time I spill something now, I will say (or think) “Yeah, that’s right, I DO own the place.” Like a dog pissing to mark its territory, I will fling my tea around. Watch out!


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4 responses to “Another overly aggressive fellow student

  1. That’s why you do it? ah, it all makes sense now. Well, I have a couple of old t-shirts and various pairs of shorts that you’ve marked. Want ’em back? 😉

  2. Right! And that’s why I spill on all of my shirts. It’s easier than writing my name on them with a Sharpie.

  3. Your stories about your fellow students makes it sound like you are in high school. Sheesh. And these people plan to go on to become doctors. It scares me, I tell you. Scares me.

  4. Yeah, I am impressed with most of my fellow students, but some of them still really disappoint me.

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