Insulting your fellow students

For future reference, insulting your peers is not a good way to get them to do what you want. Or, for that matter, to send you referrals in the future.

This is a copy of a letter to the entire class list serve from a fellow student. (By the way, this is the same student who told an ob-gyn and research interest group that poor mothers who keep having children should be sterilized for their own good)


1.Class starts at :10 after. If we are so lucky as to get a 10 minute break in a 2 hour class its is a 10 minute break. Not 25, not 23, not even 11. 10 minutes. I know its hard to keep track of the clock with your ADHD and your lazy eye but i hear Timex makes a wicked digital watch and maybe its time you got one.

2.Stop talking in class. I don’t care if your leg length disparity causes you to swell like a eunuch. I don’t care if jaime is nursing her dog’s sister’s first-cousin’s pet squirrel. And i especially could care less if ronnie’s hair looks really nice today. If you are so smart as to not pay attention in a class then do something else. Check yourself out for ehler-danos, look on facebook to see if muffy finally hooked up with fernando at the handcuffs and handles party, take your underwear off a-la-Hansel, but for god’s sake do it quietly.

3.90% of the class pays for their education. I am personally deep in debt and im sure most of the kids talking are in the same boat. Look at it this way: if you pay for 2 hour movie and it just cuts off after an hour into the show, how would you feel? Except in this case you might actually miss something important and later on kill someone (in 2000 “accidental” hospital deaths were 8x higher than gun related deaths in America).

4.If a teacher makes a joke, it is not a ticket to talk. Yes, the joke is funny. Yes, everyone loves laughing. But what the heck are you talking about afterwards? If you want to tell your own anatomy jokes wait till the end of class.

5.Please send this to the dental students. As much as the d.o. kids don’t pay attention, these geniuses talk throughout the whole damn lecture.




My letter to our ethics committee:

I have a serious problem with the letter M– Student sent out today. I have no issues with him complaining about lateness or noise in the auditorium. There overall tone of the letter was sarcastic and insulting. Mocking diseases (like ADHD and “lazy eye”) in a letter to a medical school class is disturbing. I am sure there are members of our class who may be diagnosed with ADHD (and who knows, may have a “lazy eye”, like my brother who had a brain tumor removed). And, it is inappropriate even if the diseases-as-insults analogy didn’t specifically apply to members of our class.


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3 responses to “Insulting your fellow students

  1. Orb

    That’s so inappropriate! I almost feel sorry for the guy since he’s going to be shunned by his fellow classmates for the next four years. I can’t feel too sorry for him though because I’m so disturbed by his sterilization comment. One of my male anatomy lab partners said that all old women are evil nasty hags. He had other unpleasant views about women. Wtf? How did these mysogynists get past the screening committee?

    Luckily, most of my classmates are mature, astonishingly well put together individuals.

  2. Yeah, I have to say that on the whole, I am pretty impressed with my classmates. But, I think we need to have higher standards for future doctors.

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