Blog Day for MOTHERS Act

Blog Day for the Mothers Act

Thanks PostPartum Progress for putting up so much great information about the MOTHERS Act. Please read all about it on the site, but here is a quick synopsis:

“What is the MOTHERS Act? The Moms Opportunity to Access Help, Education, Research and Support for Postpartum Depression Act, or MOTHERS Act (S. 1375), will ensure that new mothers and their families are educated about postpartum depression, screened for symptoms and provided with essential services. In addition, it will increase research into the causes, diagnoses and treatments for postpartum depression. The bill is sponsored by Senators Menendez and Durbin.”

Moms need help to go get the help they need, if that makes sense.


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3 responses to “Blog Day for MOTHERS Act

  1. I always miss these blog action day things. Sigh.

  2. I almost did! I think it was almost midnight when I posted it.

  3. Thanks for your support of the MOTHERS Act. Too often postpartum depression is a problem that goes unnoticed, and most women with PPD never receive any type of treatment. PPD is a treatable illness, and it is essential that we continue to educate ourselves and others about this important issue.

    For more information on PPD, visit us at The MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health

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