Histo down, and plush guts

I took my Histology midterm today. Middle of the semester, middle of Black October. Middle difficulty. I think I got a middling grade. I walked out of the written thinking I knew the material and was confident. Yes, I was the first one done again. But, as I talked to people after the test, I kept finding out more and more questions I apparently got wrong. Sheesh. So, I am hoping for a low B.

On the practical, I knew most of the stuff. But, I wrote a few answers more then once. Then I changed a few of them when I was past that station. Then I changed some back. Sheesh, again.

I love my histo teacher. She is hysterically funny. She also has the best damn power points and notes I have ever seen. She is raunchy and irreverant, and knows almost every student by name. She played a riff from Phantom of the Opera to signal for us to change stations during the practical exam which is when we get to identify tissues and structures under the microscope. There was a rest station every row, with markers, stickers, stamps, toys, and candy. We were encouraged to decorate our tests.

On a slight tangent, speaking of body tissues, a friend of mine passed along a link to this total cuteness: i heart guts!. They better start selling those plush organs soon, because they are so cute they make me want to plotz. And, as a bonus, you can pick your favorite organ and become its friend on my space. I have befriended the uterus.

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  1. guts on sale now, fresh and soft and cute!

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